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Low Stress Handling & Fear Free®™ Approach

Whole Health Veterinary Care strives to provide a low stress and Fear Free®™ atmosphere throughout the facility. From the moment you and your pet(s) arrive to the conclusion of your visit, the doctors and staff remain focused on providing only calm and relaxed interactions.
Upon arrival you will first notice that Dr. Stancliff-Lubow has carefully selected soothing paint and uniform colors based on their suitability for canine & feline UV light sensitivity. The wide-open space in our lobby helps to limit interaction between pets & clients which can cause undue excitement and/or stress. We ask that all clients maintain continuous control of their pet(s) while at the facility, it is important that they are not permitted to approach other pets or owners. An enthusiastic puppy can be very frightening to a cat in a carrier or a nervous dog.
You’ll be greeted by our administrative staff and, once checked-in, introduced to your assigned Veterinary Technician for the visit. We will always strive to ensure that this individual technician will remain with you and your pet for the duration of the visit. By limiting the number of “new faces” we can maintain a level of familiarity and comfort for your pet.
Your technician will prepare the exam room with your pet’s scheduled appointment in mind. They will ensure that anticipated tools and materials are “in place” before escorting you to the room. This avoids repeated/unnecessary entry and exits which can increase excitement or anxiety. If an exam room is not immediately available, you will be given the option to wait in the reception area or in your car. This is to limit stress that some pets may experience when idle in a new place. Your technician will then take a brief history either in the exam room or using your cell phone (if you are waiting in your car).
The doctor will wait up to 10 minutes before entering the room if your pet is experiencing stress. This permits your pet an opportunity to acclimate to the environment and become more relaxed. If your pet is exhibiting anxious behavior during your visit, we may offer to spray a bandana with Adaptil or Feliway for your pet to wear. Consistent exposure to these pheromones can be quite soothing and help your pet relax.
After your pet’s visit/treatment is completed, you will be asked to wait in the now familiar exam room for your technician and doctor to complete the invoice and to gather any medications or supplies that you’ll be taking home with you. Your technician or doctor will then review medications and at-home instructions with you and then ask you to return to the reception desk to complete the check-out process. Again, limiting unnecessary interactions and stimuli in the reception area.
General Tips & Suggestions for reducing anxiety & stress
  • Use Pheromone Spray in the car and at home prior to the appointment
  • Give your pet Composure Pro Chews an hour before leaving the house
  • Cats should always be in a carrier for their visits to our office
    • Place the open carrier near your pet’s food or bed for several days leading up to your appointment
  • Dogs not using a carrier must be on a leash throughout their visit
    • Please always use a standard (non-retractable) leash at the facility
  • Bring your pet into the clinic periodically between medical visits to check their weight and receive a treat from the staff (desensitization)
    • These visits are best between 1-3pm
    • Please call ahead to ensure that staff & and an exam room are available for a quick walkthrough
  • Be prepared to come to your appointment, try not to rush
    • Your pets can feel your anxiety
  • If possible, please leave children at home
  • Refrain from using high pitched or loud voices or sounds in the facility
  • If you are uncomfortable during the exam or a procedure, please let us know so we can try to alleviate your concerns
  • If a process is simply stressful or unpleasant for you to witness, please let us know and we can perform those tasks after you’ve left the room or take your pet to the medical treatment area to complete them


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